Renewable energy sources are our future!

Green-Y increases the sustainability and profitability
of buildings by integrating renewables.

Green-Y Pilot coming soon...

We at Green-Y are very pleased to present you a preview of our first pilot project:

A Swiss industrial site with a 2 MWp solar plant combined with our innovative compressed air energy storage system.

Profitable, Clean & Efficient Energy Storage System 

Green-Y uses a compressed air technology to store electricity and generate heat and cold all in one device. Applied in buildings and industries it provides renewable energy 24/7 and replaces fossil fuels. Besides reducing costs and emissions Green-Y works with air and water only and is 100% recyclable.

Our Customers and Partners

We successfully acquired first customers and gain commercial traction. Our team is backed up by competent partners and strong supporters from the Swiss ecosystem.

Customer Project: Application in an Office Building

We are realizing our first customer project with the Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne (SIPBB). Green-Y will be installed in their newly constructed 5 story office building. Increasing the own consumption of the solar roof and delivering renewable heat and cold will increase the sustainability and profit of the building.

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