Our system makes the economical integration of renewable electricity possible. Due to the high lifetime and no aging effects, electricity can be stored at low cost far below 1 ct/kWhel. Since the energy efficiency of a building is optimized in the same way as using state of the art technology but at significant lower cost, our product revolutionizes the energy sector. The working fluids water and air complete our sustainable solution. The winner is the planet with all its inhabitants.

Working fluids: Water & air

100% recyclable

Lifetime electricity storage: >50 years


We aim to offer electricity storage at an unbeatable price. If you plan to buy a heat pump and/or a battery you would better run with Green-Y which combines both power stages. The combined heat pump and electricity storage optimizes the total electricity consumption and makes it possible to integrate a huge portion of renewable electricity. If available, your photo-voltaic system becomes more profitable and/or you can support the grid which is income-producing. A household with a Green-Y installation will save up to 50% of total cost compared to heat pump or direct electric heating. Explore your personal saving potential here.


The expected cost of electric infrastructure upgrades worldwide within the next 25 years is almost $20 trillion. There are investments of about $6 trillion until 2040 which could affect Green-Y.