Electricity Storage, Heating and Cooling in One Device

Increase Profit

Amortized within 7 years* due to combined approach and energy costs reductions: Peak-shaving, increase of PV own consumption, optimized energy management & energy trading.

Reduce Emissions

Integrates renewable electricity (e.g. PV and wind) and replaces fossil fuels. Save yearly 94t CO2eq* by replacing e.g. a oil heating.

Become Green

Works with air and water only and is 100% recyclable. Save 81t CO2eq* by replacing the refrigerant of a heat pump and additionally avoid hazardous waste of a battery.

*Example calculation: 150kWel Green-Y device, peak-shaving in an office building

Do you want to save money and become green?

Secure your Green-Y device with the following steps:

1. Consultancy by experts

2. Individual use case analysis

3. Free offer