Revolutionary electricity storage with heating-cooling system for buildings on the verge of market maturity!

14.12.2021 ⅼ Hasle b. Burgdorf ⅼ Zurich


SCHWEIZER KAPITAL GLOBAL IMPACT FUND AG invests CHF 2 million in the Swiss startup Green-Y Energy AG to develop a sustainable compressed air electricity storage system for building applications and also commits to sales in the amount of CHF 1 million.


The patented compressed air concept combines electricity storage, heat and cold generation in one device and promises to significantly reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions of buildings.

"Against the backdrop of sharply rising energy prices and ambitious climate targets, two topics of the highest relevance. In addition, the founding team and the technology totally convinced me." (Umut Ertan, founder of SCHWEIZER KAPITAL GLOBAL IMPACT FUND AG).


Unlike batteries, the system does not rely on rare raw materials that are often harmful to the climate: "We use air and water in our systems, which leads to a long service life and makes the system 100% recyclable." (Rafik Barhoumi, CEO of Green-Y Energy AG).


The investment will enable the leap from prototype to market maturity in 2023. The award-winning, highly innovative company is receiving support in its development from the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland as part of an Innosuisse innovation project. "The combined approach promises a high overall efficiency, innovative technical components reduce system costs - this enables economical operation." (Prof. Dr. Beat Ribi, head of the Institute for Thermo and Fluid Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland).


Umut Ertan is a visionary in the logistics and impact industry and has already pioneered an impact fund for pure disruptive technologies in early 2018. He has founded over 10 companies himself and sold 2 of them to European players. With the investment, he underlines his commitment to impact investments and will support Green-Y in market entry and further growth in Europe, especially through his network in the logistics and real estate world.


If you would like to learn more about the technology and the offering, please contact Peter Fritzen (


SCHWEIZER KAPITAL GLOBAL IMPACT FUND AG was founded by Umut Ertan and is the first specialized impact investor in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for exclusively disruptive business models and game-changer technologies since 2018.

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About Green-Y Energy AG: 

Green-Y Energy AG was founded in 2020 with the goal of revolutionizing the global electricity storage market. With the funds from the seed investment round of CHF 825,000, the now six-member team was able to verify the patented electricity storage concept with a prototype and already win customers for initial pilot projects.

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