Highly efficient compressors for industrial processes

Deliver pressure levels from 3 to 300 bar, operate oil-free and require little maintenance.

Reduce energy costs icon
Reduce energy costs

Up to 35% lower energy consumption than conventional compressors

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Reduce emissions

Lower energy consumption reduces emissions

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Increase sustainability

Oil-free, low-noise and low-maintenance system

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How our innovative compressors work

Optimize your industrial processes with our highly efficient oil-free compressors. The specially developed and patented compressors are the heart of our energy storage system. When used in industry, they ensure energy savings and emission reductions of up to 35%. Two different types of compressors are used: the low-pressure screw compressor serves pressure ranges from 3 to 40 bar, while the high-pressure piston compressor serves pressure ranges from 8 to 300 bar. Both technologies are oil-free and can therefore also be used in demanding industrial processes such as the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Currently, air and nitrogen can be processed as gases, but we are working flat out to expand the working media to include gases such as hydrogen and oxygen.

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