Electricity storage. Heat. Cold. Compressed air.
Combined in a sustainable system.

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Our unique compressed air technology stores electricity and also generates heat and cold. For use in residential areas, commercial buildings and industry.

Innovative compressors

Our oil-free compressors operate highly efficiently from 3 to 300 bar and are low-maintenance and durable. For industrial applications with compressed air and other gases.

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Previously stored electricity from the pilot plant of our energy storage system:

30080 kWh

The innovative technologies of Green-Y Energy AG ensure cost savings and sustainability in your company. We are your trusted partner for sustainable energy solutions for residential areas, commercial buildings and industrial applications.

Sustainable energy storage with innovative compressed air technology

The energy storage system combines a battery and heat pump in one system in a sustainable way: it stores electricity using patented compressed air technology and also generates heat and cold.

The system is designed for applications in residential areas, commercial buildings and industry. Self-generated solar power is stored and consumed on site, reducing peak loads. The heat generated is used for space heating, hot water preparation or as process heat. The cold generated is used for room cooling, server cooling or as process cooling.

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Reduce energy costs

Combines electricity, heating and cooling and is amortised in 3-7 years

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Reduce emissions

Integrates renewable energy sources and replaces fossil fuels

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Increase sustainability

Uses only air and water with a service life of 20 years

Highly efficient oil-free compressors for up to 300 bar

Highly efficient compressor for industrial applications

The specially developed and patented compressors are the heart of our energy storage system. They cover pressure ranges from 3 to 300 bar and can therefore optimize a wide range of industrial applications. They operate oil-free and can be used bidirectionally, i.e. as a compressor and expander.

The provision of oil-free compressed air and use in nitrogen generators are just two of a multitude of possible applications.

Reduce energy costs icon

Reduce energy costs

Up to 35% lower energy consumption than conventional compressors

Reduce emissions icon

Reduce emissions

Lower energy consumption reduces emissions

Icon Increase sustainability

Increase sustainability

Oil-free, low-noise and low-maintenance system


At the Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne, we are testing other types of storage systems in addition to battery storage systems.

If we combine electricity, heat and cooling well with the compressed air energy storage system, we expect it to be as economical as a battery, but with a better ecological balance.

The compressor technology developed for the energy storage system is unique: you can compress and expand with one device. The technology is oil-free, durable, low-noise and low-maintenance. Thanks to its high efficiency, the technology also has potential for applications in industry or the hydrogen sector.

Our energy systems are undergoing a comprehensive transformation. Sector coupling is the new magic word, but we are still a long way from realizing it. We need pioneers who lead the way with innovative ideas. For me, Green-Y Energy AG is one of the leaders in this field.

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