The most sustainable energy storage system for real estate and industry

Combines battery and heat pump in one system, uses only air and water.

solar impulse efficient solution
solar impulse efficient solution
Reduce energy costs

Combines electricity, heating and cooling and is amortised in 3-7 years

Reduce emissions

Integrates renewable energy sources and replaces fossil fuels

Increase sustainability

Uses only air and water with a service life of 20 years

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How the compressed air energy storage system works

The innovative and sustainable energy storage system from Green-Y is based on patented compressed air technology, which stores electricity and also generates heat and cold in a single system.

It uses air and water and has a service life of 20 years. The combined approach and the modular structure of the system promise amortisation periods of 3 – 7 years.

When charging the storage system, air is compressed using electricity and stored in compressed air cylinders at up to 300 bar. Compression produces heat at a temperature of up to 60°C, which can be used for heating buildings, generating hot water or as industrial process heat.

When the storage tank is discharged, the air from the storage cylinders is expanded and generates electricity via a generator. During expansion, the temperature drops to up to 3°C. The resulting cold can be used for room cooling, server cooling or as industrial process cooling.

Fields of application

Office building with CAES
Commercial site with compressed air energy storage
Housing estate with compressed air energy storage

In the office building, the system stores surplus PV electricity or is charged from the grid during off-peak periods. The electricity generated reduces power peaks during the day. The heat is used to heat rooms in winter, dehumidify the air in summer and heat water all year round. The cold cools the building in summer and the server rooms and laboratories all year round.

The system pays for itself in 5 years: The stored energy reduces annual energy costs, while heating and cooling also reduce investment costs in other systems.

Office building, Switzerland Innovation Park Biel
In industrial applications, the stored electricity reduces power peaks during production times. The heat and cold generated during storage can be used in industrial processes all year round: The heat at a temperature level of up to 60°C and the cold up to 3°C.

The system pays for itself within 5 years: The stored energy reduces the annual energy costs, and the heat and cold provided means that other generation plants can be designed much smaller and the associated costs can be significantly reduced.

Industry & business, Buri Energy
In the residential area, the system doubles the self-consumption of the solar power generated on site to over 80%, which means that the residential area can be self-sufficient in energy for almost 6 months. The stored electricity reduces power peaks in the morning and evening. The heat is used to heat rooms in winter and to heat water all year round, while the cold cools the building in summer.

The system is amortised within 5 years: The stored energy reduces the annual energy costs, the heat provided can significantly reduce the district heating grid connection and the associated costs.

Residential area, Alfred Müller

Any further questions about our energy storage system?

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